Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 25th Happy Thoughts!

1. Today was my first day of practicum and I woke up ready for the day and excited to teach! I am in Mrs. Hadfield's 4th grade class this semester and the kids are awesome! I can already tell I am going to learn so much from the students and teacher. I also get to work with Jamie Hemingway and she is such a wonderful co-teacher.

2. During the day, perhaps the funniest moment came while we were studying the distributive property. We were discussing how distributing is like separating the numbers to make them simpler to work with, when one student raised her hand and said, "Oh! the distributive property is like when Hitler would separate the Jews and the Gentiles!" Then another student immediately responded with, "Are you Gentiles?" This type of Aha! moment was not what we were expecting or desiring from our initial lesson plan and luckily I did not have to be the one to regain composure to answer the question. I just quietly hid behind my notebook and stifled back a giggle. Good times in 4th grade!

3. I then got to go to work in the basketball office which is always one of my favorite activities. I love my jobs and the people I work with. I have always been extremely blessed when it comes to work and school and now I feel even more blessed because everything in my life is just clicking! Heavenly Father definitely knows what we need and when we need it.

4. After work I went to my Special Education class which was actually wonderful. We watched a church video called, "Teach the Children" and watching it made me grateful yet again to be attending BYU where we integrate the gospel into normal curriculum. I then went to my training and got to give a tour of the Marriott Center to my group. Basketball season is starting up and we are all extremely excited to get started!

5. Finally, I ended the night be watching the movie, "Robots" with one of my favorite people. ;) It was so relaxing to end this crazy day with a good movie, blanket, and company. I have such a wonderful life and I am loving every minute of it!

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